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Audition for the Saxatones


Want to be part of Georgetown University's hottest co-ed a cappella group? Come out to our auditions! We host auditions just about every semester. 


 No experience required! Simply prepare a verse and chorus and come ready to show us who you are. We are excited to meet you!

Spring 2023

This semester, we’ll be conducting our audition process virtually. Please see detailed instructions below: 

Video Audition Instructions:

Please send audition videos to or upload them to Google Drive and share it with the same email. Audition videos will be due on Friday, February 10th at 11:59 PM EST.

The first-round video audition is really quite simple! All we want is a set of scales and a verse and chorus of any song of your choice.​

  • Introduction: First, introduce yourself with your name, your year, and your voice part - Soprano, Alto, Tenor, or Bass. If you are unsure of your voice part, that is completely okay! Just state that you are unsure in the video and we will help you figure it out when we follow up.

  • Scales: For this portion, please play the included YouTube video on a separate device and just follow along with what the video instructions. It might benefit you to play it once beforehand to know what to expect. If you are able to play the video on a separate device and put one headphone in your ear to follow along and allow us not to hear the video, that is preferred but not necessary, we just ask that when you play the YouTube video just keep it low enough so you can hear what you need to and we can focus on your voice!

    • Ascending Scales:

    • Listen to the starting note given before each scale and only sing the scale notes afterwards. Just go as high as you can and when you can’t go any higher just stop the video (Side note we do NOT expect you to be able to complete the entire set of scales no pressure!)

    • Descending Scales:

      • Start this one at 1:00 for the descending scales and like before, just listen to the starting note of each scale and only sing the actual scale after.

  • Song: Now is the time to show off your vocal style and skill! You can choose any song of any style or genre as long as it is not Disney or musical theater. Choose whatever song you believe best showcases your vocal talent and sing just a verse and chorus! We ask for no karaoke accompaniment or following a YouTube video, just sing it *acapella* for us!

Good luck and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us through email! We are looking forward to hearing everyone :)

Frequently Asked Questions

- What type of experience do I need?

No experience necessary! We welcome singers from all types of musical backgrounds, as well as those who do not have any musical training. 


- What do I need to bring?

Just yourself! Also, remember to prepare a verse and a chorus of a song that shows off your voice well. We’d prefer that you choose a song in the same range of genres that we perform.

- How many new singers do you accept?

We don’t have a set number of members. Usually, the number of people we take depends on the vocal parts we are looking for. Don’t stress — if you audition for us and we feel that you are fully qualified to be in the group, we will take you even if we end up with a larger number of members in a certain section.


- What next?

Callbacks! If we call you back, we will invite you to come back in a few days with two additional prepared songs — one song of your choice and another from our repertoire. This day will be similar to your first round audition with some additional exercises that will help us get to know you and your voice better. We will again open the floor for you to ask us any questions you may have about the group.


- Is it okay to re-audition in another semester if I don’t make it into the group the first time?

Yes! Many of our current and past member didn’t make it into the group their first time. We may be looking for something different every semester, so we invite you to audition again if we do not accept you after your first try.

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